Effective sales management and inventory accounting are important components of a successful business, and integrating the HugeProfit CRM system with the Telegram platform is an integral part of this process. With CRM HugeProfit, you will receive comprehensive solutions for automating your business, allowing you to optimize business processes and increase efficiency.

One of the main reasons why CRM HugeProfit is important for sales through Telegram is that it helps streamline your work and increase sales efficiency. Thanks to the integration with Telegram, you can easily manage all communication with customers right from the CRM system. This allows you to quickly respond to customer inquiries, set priorities, and reduce the time spent on processing requests.

Integration of the HugeProfit CRM system with the Telegram platform

HugeProfit also offers analytics and reporting capabilities that help you track and analyze the results of your work, enabling you to make informed decisions to improve sales processes.

By using CRM HugeProfit for sales through Telegram, you can effectively manage all aspects of your business, increase sales conversion, and focus on important tasks and business development, while the system takes on a significant portion of routine tasks.

Advantages of Using CRM HugeProfit for Sales Management through Telegram

Our CRM system offers a rich set of features that will significantly optimize the sales process through Telegram. This will not only save you time but also increase the efficiency of your business. Trust HugeProfit and get the opportunity to reach new heights in developing your business.

Mobile Apps for Sales and Inventory Management

  • ✓ Mobile barcode scanner
  • ✓ Add sales in 2 clicks
  • ✓ Create and track consignment notes
  • ✓ Manage stock levels on Prom, Rozetka, OpenCart, WooCommerce, GoodShop
  • ✓ Multiple warehouses and employees
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1. Automation and Simplification of Order Management

Keeping track of orders in a notebook or Excel can be tedious and inefficient. The HugeProfit CRM system provides many advantages that will significantly ease your work and increase the efficiency of order management.

With HugeProfit, you can greatly simplify and automate order management. The main advantage of our system is the ability to integrate with Telegram, which allows you to automate the sales process through this popular messenger platform.

2. Trade Analytics

HugeProfit also offers a wide range of tools for data analysis, allowing you to better understand customer needs and make informed decisions to improve business processes. Our system allows you to create reports and statistics that will help you monitor sales and monitor the effectiveness of your business.

3. Improved Communication with Customers

With the help of the HugeProfit CRM system, you can manage all customer inquiries received through Telegram. This means that all messages will be automatically imported into the system, making the processing process easier and improving your communication with customers.

Correspondence with customers within CRM HugeProfit also provides many advantages. You can save message history, view previous customer inquiries, and quickly find all the necessary data for customer service.

Integrate the HugeProfit CRM system with Telegram and enjoy more efficient and convenient interaction with your audience.

4. Tracking and Analyzing Sales Results through Telegram

CRM HugeProfit will help you track and analyze sales results through the Telegram platform, as well as other platforms such as online stores, marketplaces like Rozetka and Prom.ua, as well as Instagram.

Analysis of sales results through Telegram CRM HugeProfit

Our CRM HugeProfit provides you with the opportunity to collect and systematize sales data received through Telegram and other sources. With the convenient data filtering function, you can analyze each channel separately. This will allow you to get a more detailed view of each of them and make informed decisions based on specific results, increasing the efficiency of your business.

5. Managing Accounts in Different Currencies

CRM HugeProfit is a tool that opens up wide opportunities for you to work with different currencies. Thanks to it, you will easily be able to transfer money between your accounts, which can be opened in different currencies. This will significantly increase the efficiency of your business and help your company reach new heights of prosperity. There are no limitations for international partnerships – your company will become even more competitive and successful!

The use of this tool will greatly simplify the document processing process and ensure high accuracy in conducting financial transactions. Moreover, it contributes to increasing transparency in all areas of your business. You will always be aware of current changes and will be able to control all business processes in your organization without unnecessary hassle.

6. Integration with PRRP (Checkbox)

Integration with PRRP will allow your company to significantly simplify the process of creating fiscal checks. Now you won’t have to switch between different systems or use third-party programs to generate checks. All of this can be done right in our CRM HugeProfit.

Our integration with PRRP provides complete automation of the check creation process, which helps save your time and reduce the likelihood of errors. You will no longer have to spend time manually entering data or verifying the correctness of filling out checks, all of this will be done automatically. CRM HugeProfit will free you from routine tasks so that you can focus on truly important matters and achieve greater success in your business.

7. Integration with Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta

The HugeProfit system provides convenient integration with popular delivery services in Ukraine – Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta. Thanks to this, you will be able to automatically create waybills for sending goods and track the delivery status. This will significantly simplify your work and allow you to effectively control the delivery process.

In addition, you will be able to easily track the delivery status in real-time. This will help you always be aware of where your package is and know exactly when it will be delivered.

Also, to provide convenience for you and your clients, the notification feature allows you to receive a message if the package is not picked up for a long time. This will help prevent possible misunderstandings or delays in receiving the goods.

Support and Training

When connecting to our CRM system HugeProfit, you will receive not only a convenient tool for efficient business management, but also full support and training. Our cohesive team is ready to offer you everything you need to meet all your needs and help achieve outstanding results. We realize the value of your time and energy, so we will be happy to accompany you at every step of the way to achieving all your goals!

You can contact us through the online chat on our website or get in touch with us:

●     Viber or Telegram: +38 (073) 584-73-73

●     by phone: +38 (073) 584-73-73 (from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM)

Our Pricing Plans

You can choose from several available pricing plans, and one of them is the completely free CRM HugeProfit plan. This will give you the opportunity to test our system and assess its effectiveness for your business, without the need for financial investments.

Try HugeProfit for Free

Simple accounting of finances, goods, sales, and deliveries for small businesses
  • ✓ Implement the service in 5 minutes on your own or with our support
  • ✓ Put your stock in order and organize deliveries
  • ✓ Control all expenses and payments. Keep track of all your bills
  • ✓ Receive orders from Prom, Rozetka, OpenCart, WooCommerce, GoodShop
  • ✓ Create and track consignment notes in 2 clicks

    Now you have a wonderful opportunity to develop your business without any hassle or additional costs. Don’t miss this chance to start your venture on the right foot!

Free Tariff

Use absolutely ALL functions and integrations for FREE for an unlimited amount of time.

On this tariff you can add:
✓ 50 sales per month
✓ 300 products


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You can add:
✓ 200 sales per month
✓ 2000 products


599 UAH/month

You can add:
✓ 1000 sales per month
✓ 10000 products


1199 UAH/month

You can add:
✓ Unlimited sales per month
✓ 100000 products

Increase your sales efficiency through Telegram with the help of CRM system HugeProfit!