What is CRM HugeProfit and why is it necessary for the successful operation of an online store

CRM HugeProfit is an integrated system for managing the goods business, specially designed for the effective operation of both online and offline stores as a single entity. It combines and automates all key business processes such as inventory management, orders, and finances, ensuring complete control and efficiency of your online store.

Here are a few reasons why CRM HugeProfit is necessary for the successful operation of an online store:

1. Centralized management: allows you to control all aspects of your goods business, both regular and online store, from a single system. You can track inventory, manage orders and delivery, as well as analyze financial metrics – all in one place.

CRM HugeProfit for online store

2. Process automation: with CRM HugeProfit for goods, you can automate many operations, which will help reduce task completion time and increase efficiency. For example, the system can automatically generate sales reports or send notifications to customers about the status of their orders.

Process automation using HugeProfit product CRM

3. Inventory management: allows you to accurately track inventory on the shelves, notify you when a new order is needed, or when changes in the order of product delivery occur. This helps avoid situations where valuable customers are left without products or where products accumulate in the warehouse, leading to financial losses. Reliable inventory management with ERP HugeProfit increases the efficiency of the company’s operations and contributes to its success in the market.

Warehouse management using HugeProfit product CRM

Features of CRM HugeProfit for online stores

CRM HugeProfit is a reliable and efficient solution for online stores that will help you optimize order management processes, increase sales, and improve customer experience.

  • Easy integration – one of the features of CRM HugeProfit for online stores is easy integration with the store itself, literally within 5 minutes with almost any platform. In just a few minutes, you can set up a connection between your store and CRM HugeProfit (ERP), allowing you to manage your business most effectively. Thanks to this simple integration, you can automate customer interaction processes, track and analyze sales data, and increase the efficiency of your online store. Start using CRM HugeProfit today and feel the advantage of integration that will take only 5 minutes of your time.
    This allows for the automation of the ordering and delivery processes. HugeProfit can sync with order management and delivery tracking systems, allowing you to track every step of the customer – from placing an order to receiving the product. Such integration ensures more efficient order management and improves customer service quality.
  • Sales analytics – a key component of a successful business. And CRM HugeProfit provides you with a powerful tool for analyzing and optimizing your sales. With this feature, you can get detailed information about your activity, allowing you to easily track and analyze the sales process.
    What makes the sales analytics of CRM HugeProfit unique? It not only provides you with basic data on the number of sales and profitability, but also allows for in-depth data analysis. You will be able to identify trends and understand what factors influence the success of your business.
    Moreover, the feature of predicting future results will help you make informed decisions. You can use these forecasts to determine the best strategy for developing your business and increasing its efficiency.
    HugeProfit will help you make decisions based on facts, not intuition. Optimization of your sales strategy will be based on specific data, allowing you to achieve maximum profitability and efficiency.
Sales analytics CRM HugeProfit
Sales analytics CRM HugeProfit
  • Multi-currency – CRM HugeProfit offers a unique opportunity to work with multiple currencies simultaneously.
    With CRM HugeProfit, you can easily transfer money between your accounts in different currencies. This is especially useful for companies dealing with customers or partners from different countries. Fast and secure transfers between accounts allow for efficient management of financial operations.
    Order processing also becomes easier thanks to the multi-currency capability of CRM HugeProfit. You can track shipments of goods or services in different languages and currencies. This helps maintain accuracy in documentation and increases transparency in all business processes.
Multi-currency - CRM HugeProfit
  • Telegram Bot – notifications about order statuses and regular income reports are an integral part of a successful business. However, instead of spending time and energy constantly monitoring and creating reports, you can use the convenient tool – the Telegram bot from CRM HugeProfit.
    This bot allows you to receive notifications about every change in the status of your order directly on your mobile phone through the Telegram app. No unnecessary calls or emails – everything you need to know will be available immediately.
Telegram bot CRM HugeProfit
notifications about order statuses Telegram bot CRM HugeProfit
  • Sales Filtering by Channels – CRM HugeProfit is an indispensable tool for businesses that helps identify the most profitable sales sources through channel filtering. With this system, you can analyze sales data from different sources and identify the ones that bring the highest revenue.
    Thanks to HugeProfit, you can conduct in-depth data analysis and make informed decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.
    The CRM HugeProfit system allows you to track every sale from start to finish. You’ll be able to see which sources attract more customers and which of them convert into actual sales.
Sales filtering by channels - CRM HugeProfit
  • Integration with Fiscal Receipts (Checkbox) – CRM HugeProfit allows you to automatically create fiscal receipts right in the interface of your customer management system.
    This allows you to significantly simplify the process of invoicing and processing financial transactions. Thanks to integration with Fiscal Receipts (Checkbox), you can generate receipts with a single click and send them to clients instantly.
    No more time wasted on manually filling in purchase information, taxes, and other details. Integration with Fiscal Receipts (Checkbox) – CRM HugeProfit automatically fills in all the necessary fields, freeing you from repetitive tasks.
    Furthermore, this integration ensures data accuracy and minimizes the possibility of errors when creating fiscal receipts. You can be sure that every receipt will be correct and compliant with legal requirements.
Integration with Fiscal Receipts (Checkbox)
Integration with Fiscal Receipts (Checkbox)
  • Integration with Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta – will help you automate the process of creating waybills and tracking delivery status. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to save a significant amount of time and energy that is usually spent on manually performing these tasks.
    Creating waybills will become a simple and quick process thanks to the ability to automatically fill in the necessary data from CRM HugeProfit. You will no longer have to spend time manually entering information about shipments – it will all be done for you.
    But that’s not all! The integration also provides the ability to track the delivery status of each package. You will be aware of all changes related to the delivery and react promptly to any problems or delays. And if a package is not picked up by the recipient for a long time, the system will send you a notification so you can take appropriate action.
    Using the integration with Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta in CRM HugeProfit is not only an efficient way to save time and energy, but also a guarantee of more accurate and proactive delivery management.
Integration with Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta CRM HugeProfit
  • Integration with Popular Platforms – integrating with e-commerce platforms such as Woocommerce, Prom.ua, Rozetka, and KhoroShop is an integral part of a successful online business. However, managing all these platforms can be a challenging task. That’s why CRM HugeProfit offers a convenient solution that allows you to upload products, receive orders, and update inventory all in one convenient dashboard.
    With HugeProfit integration with Woocommerce, Prom, Rozetka, and KhoroShop, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of time and energy on administrative tasks. You won’t have to switch between different platforms to update product information or track orders. All of this will be available in one convenient place.
    Furthermore, integration with CRM HugeProfit allows you to automate many processes of your business. You can configure the system to automatically upload new products to selected platforms and update inventory as sales occur. This will allow you to focus on more important tasks, such as marketing and improving customer service.
Integration of CRM HugeProfit with Woocommerce, Prom.ua, Rozetka and Khoroshop

Are There Free Options of CRM HugeProfit for Small Businesses?

For small businesses, especially for online stores, it’s important to find an effective and affordable CRM solution. You may be wondering if there are free CRM options that are suitable for your business.

We’re happy to inform you that HugeProfit offers a free plan for small businesses. This plan allows you to process up to 50 sales per month and manage up to 300 products. Therefore, it’s perfect for e-commerce with a small volume of sales and product range.

Thanks to this free plan, you’ll be able to set up Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system without any additional costs. You’ll be able to track orders, communicate with customers, and increase the efficiency of your online store.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use the free CRM HugeProfit for your small business. It will help you organize customer relations and increase the productivity of your online store without the expense of costly CRM systems.

free plan for small businesses CRM HugeProfit
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Start Using CRM HugeProfit for Your Online Store Today to Optimize Operations and Increase Profit!

Your online store is your business, and you want to maximize its potential. Using CRM HugeProfit will help you achieve that goal. This powerful Customer Relationship Management system offers tools and features specifically designed to optimize the operations of your online store and increase profitability.

CRM HugeProfit for your online store

Don’t postpone using CRM HugeProfit. Start today and see how your online store becomes more efficient and profitable.