So friends, another whole month has passed since our last updates announcement. Overall, during this period there were over 74 updates… and that’s only what we managed to document ourselves. I’m really tired of deciding what to include in this message and what to leave out. And yet, the list turned out to be too long.

Subscription Fiscalization and Checkbox Enhancements

We finally did it, it’s still in testing mode, we’re fine-tuning various nuances, but overall it’s usable now. Now if you specify a Subscription, you’ll see an additional button to Fiscalize the subscription. Then, when you transfer the second part from the Unpaid bill to some other bill, you’ll have the opportunity to fiscalize the entire check with the second part of the payment.
And if you specify two bills at once, for example, a subscription to a card and an immediate payment to Cash, then two payment methods will be included in the check.

We also fixed the situation with transferring discounts on individual items to the fiscal receipt and added the ability to configure which account names will be transmitted to the fiscal receipt.)

Refined and Fixed Errors in Chats.

Now you can search for chats by phone numbers, send and receive photos, insert images using Ctrl+V, and many other minor updates. Thank you all for your feedback and wishes!  There are also shifts in Instagram integration… we’re waiting for good news.

Also now if the system sees that there is a chat with the client through bots, instead of buttons to open a personal Viber or Telegram, the chat will be opened immediately in the chat section.

Improved Features When Adding Sales

We’re gradually improving the interface and fixing flaws in the main function of our system, namely adding sales.
Fixed discount on goods
Now you can not only put a percentage discount on an individual item but also a fixed one. There were so many requests for this.
Plus and minus in quantity when adding sales
A trifle, but they say very pleasant :))
Inserting the client’s phone in the application after copying the number.
Many people were blocked by this.. But now you can easily copy the number and paste it into the Client field.
Creating a copy of already added sales

If you have many similar sales, you can create them faster using the copy function.

Uploading Balances, Automatic and Manual Product Links

This is not the functionality needed every day, but in some situations, it’s simply necessary. Now you can mass upload all balances from our system to the connected integration. Previously, this could only be done one product at a time.
Also now you can upload all products from the integration without creating product cards, only with the creation of links.

And as the cherry on top, a convenient interface for mass linking products to items in the integration has appeared.

Other Updates:

► Editing and deleting attributes in Variative goods;
► Filter in the Clients section by Birthday. ;
► Filter by delivery services in Sales;
► Fixed errors in statistics calculation in Finances and Supplies;
► Deleting additional accounts;
► Added the ability to copy a link to a price list in applications;
► Improved block display on tablets;

► Uploading additional prices in Excel and updating them through Excel

Next month, we’ll focus more on fixing the shortcomings of existing functionality than on new ones. I think we’ll still be able to please you with new features.

Peace and prosperity!