Our list of updates has shortened from 96 points to 72 :))) And we continue to work on. It’s very difficult sometimes to balance between developing new features and improving and stabilizing what exists. But somehow we try to satisfy both existing clients and attract new ones.

Here are some of our updates over the past 2 weeks:

  • Integration with TurboSms – now you can send SMS notifications to your customers when the order status changes!
  • Multi-level product categories – bring order to the product catalog!;
  • Export sales to Excel – download all sales with filters in Excel format;
  • Uploading personal statuses from Prom and changing them in orders – change statuses on Prom without leaving our service!
  • Issuing invoices for legal entities – add invoices, requisites, and additional information to invoices and waybills!
  • Disabling updates of balances, prices, and orders in integrations – more control over integrations!
  • Control over check fiscalization – now you can see which checks are not fiscalized and can fiscalize them separately.
  • Fixed various errors when moving products, filtering, sorting, and more;
  • Increased speed of adding sales.

What we expect in the coming weeks!

  • Integration with Ukrposhta!
  • Sending E-mail notifications when statuses change
  • Copying products
  • Percentage of sales for cashiers!
  • Additional expenses depending on the sales channel!
  • And maybe much more!

Mobile Apps for Sales and Inventory Management

  • ✓ Mobile barcode scanner
  • ✓ Add sales in 2 clicks
  • ✓ Create and track consignment notes
  • ✓ Manage stock levels on Prom, Rozetka, OpenCart, WooCommerce, GoodShop
  • ✓ Multiple warehouses and employees
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We’re working! Restoring the economy of Our Country together! 🙂

If you’re eagerly waiting for something, be sure to write to us in support and maybe we can raise the priority of your task!