There were no posts for a long time, we were engaged in major revisions of the service, which were promised to our customers and already missed all the deadlines. 🙁 Anyone who is at least a little connected with the development knows how it happens… visually, not much has changed, but the rework touched literally the entire core of the system, which is why it turned out so long and difficult.

The product addition to the system has been redone

Now you don’t need to duplicate the product if you have the same product stored in different warehouses or in different stores. For example, you have some product in stock and you can sell it by drop by adding it to a separate warehouse.

Refined the system with attributes

We have also refined the system with attributes, it has become more stable and reliable. Attributes can be used even if you have the same product, but in a different condition. For example, the box is accepted and the product is sold cheaper. You can add a state attribute to the product and specify different quantities of the product and different prices for different states.

Returning one item from an order

Another important update that many of our customers have requested is the ability to return not only the entire order, but individual items as well, if a person is returning only one of several purchased items.

Nice little things

And a lot of different small edits, such as: some users were constantly thrown out of the system, the calendar climbed out of the screen in the filter, or it was not possible to find the Nova Poshta branch. Now, to choose a branch, it is enough to select a city and just enter the number in the Branch field and press the spacebar!

And as always, we ask you: if you see that something does not work, is buggy or you would like it to work differently, immediately write to our online support! You know how it happens, you fix one thing, you break the other. We have a small team and although we try to check everything 10 times, we could have missed something.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and help!