The ERP system HugeProfit is a comprehensive software solution specifically designed for accounting and automation of trade in kiosks, pavilions, and stalls. It offers numerous functions and tools to help you efficiently manage your business.

With the help of HugeProfit ERP system, you can easily and accurately track inventory, control stock levels, monitor sales and revenues, and manage cash transactions. The program allows for the automation of goods recount processes, saving time and minimizing errors.

HugeProfit is a comprehensive software solution for accounting and automation of trade in kiosks, pavilions, and stalls.

Thanks to its intuitive interface and user-friendly functionality, the HugeProfit ERP system simplifies your work and enhances your business efficiency. You can quickly process orders, monitor delivery fulfillment, and optimize interactions with suppliers.

Additionally, the system ensures reliable protection of your business data. All information is stored in a secure and trustworthy repository, with access granted only to authorized personnel.

In summary, the HugeProfit ERP system is a reliable and convenient solution for accounting and automation of trade in kiosks, pavilions, and stalls. It helps optimize your trading activities and increase efficiency.

Advantages of Using HugeProfit ERP System for Accounting in Kiosks and Pavilions

Using the HugeProfit ERP system for accounting in kiosks, pavilions, and small shops provides many advantages that help optimize and simplify your business.

  1. Mobility: Mobile applications of ERP HugeProfit for Android and iOS significantly simplify accounting and management of your merchandise business. Our accounting program for kiosks and pavilions allows the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for:
    • Inventory management,
    • Sales tracking,
    • Barcode scanning with a mobile scanner,
    • Creation and tracking of shipping documents.

    Our mobile applications are fully compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, allowing their use on smartphones and tablets.

  2. Inventory Management: With HugeProfit, stall owners can be confident in efficient inventory management. They can promptly track changes in demand and respond to the needs of their customers, avoiding issues such as ordering excess or insufficient goods. This solution enables them to achieve high customer satisfaction levels and increase profitability.
  3. Sales Accounting: HugeProfit is a reliable solution for efficient sales accounting in your kiosk or shop. With it, you can automatically register all sales, simplifying the control of your business’s income and expenses. Financial reporting becomes much easier and faster, allowing you to respond promptly to any changes in your company.
  4. Integration with POS (Checkbox): Our solution allows you to efficiently manage sales and order processing, minimize errors, and simplify accounting. Integration with the Checkbox POS significantly streamlines work and reduces time spent on manual data entry. Our point-of-sale program for kiosks ensures fast and reliable payment processing and receipt printing. You can easily integrate your cash register with our software for full control over financial transactions.
  5. Analytics and Reporting: With HugeProfit, you can obtain a comprehensive analysis of sales, profits, inventory, and other important metrics of your store. This allows you to make informed decisions based on reliable facts and optimize business processes for increased efficiency. The need for such analysis becomes increasingly crucial in today’s competitive market, where every decision must be well-founded and based on accurate data.
  6. Task Automation: HugeProfit helps automate everyday tasks and save your time and resources. With HugeProfit, you can focus on more critical aspects of your business while the system automates many business processes, including invoicing, sales and payment monitoring, and expense tracking. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in financial management, a key factor for the success of any retail enterprise.

Mobile Apps for Sales and Inventory Management

  • ✓ Mobile barcode scanner
  • ✓ Add sales in 2 clicks
  • ✓ Create and track consignment notes
  • ✓ Manage stock levels on Prom, Rozetka, OpenCart, WooCommerce, GoodShop
  • ✓ Multiple warehouses and employees
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The HugeProfit ERP system is an effective tool for retail points of sale. Thanks to our system, stall and pavilion owners can increase the efficiency of their business, optimize work processes, and provide impeccable service to their customers. HugeProfit provides unique features and capabilities that will make you confident in achieving success and timely reacting to market changes. With our program, you can increase profits, attract more customers, and achieve significant business growth.

HugeProfit ERP system is an effective tool for retail points of sale.

Support and Training

Thank you for choosing our ERP HugeProfit! We aim to provide our customers with full support and training so that you can effectively use our platform. Our team of experts is always ready to help you with the installation and configuration of ERP HugeProfit to perfectly suit your business needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions or requests, and we will gladly help you achieve great success with our ERP system.

Our specialists have developed special methodologies and materials to help you quickly master all the features of ERP HugeProfit. Our goal is to make your training as effective and result-oriented as possible.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions or request additional explanations—we are always ready to assist you at every stage of learning. Ultimately, your success is our main goal.

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Our Pricing Plans

Thank you for your interest in our ERP HugeProfit system! We take pride in developing a reliable and efficient solution that will become your indispensable partner. Our ERP is specifically designed for small businesses and online stores to provide you with affordable tools for effective company management.

We understand that each business has its unique needs. Therefore, we are pleased to offer several pricing plan options so that you can choose the optimal variant and tailor the system to your requirements and financial capabilities. Our goal is to provide you with flexible and convenient options that will help your business thrive.

Our free pricing plan is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to explore all the possibilities offered by ERP HugeProfit. This plan is also great for novice businessmen. With it, you can access all the basic features of our system, fully unlocking its potential and assessing all its benefits.

The free pricing plan allows you to enjoy all the advantages of our system without spending a penny. Limits of 50 sales per month and 300 items in the assortment will allow you to evaluate its functionality and efficiency in practice. You can see that our system is perfect for your business.

Try HugeProfit for Free

Simple accounting of finances, goods, sales, and deliveries for small businesses
  • ✓ Implement the service in 5 minutes on your own or with our support
  • ✓ Put your stock in order and organize deliveries
  • ✓ Control all expenses and payments. Keep track of all your bills
  • ✓ Receive orders from Prom, Rozetka, OpenCart, WooCommerce, GoodShop
  • ✓ Create and track consignment notes in 2 clicks

    Don’t miss the opportunity to try our system and see its effectiveness for your business. Register today and start increasing your productivity!

Free Tariff

Use absolutely ALL functions and integrations for FREE for an unlimited amount of time.

On this tariff you can add:
✓ 50 sales per month
✓ 300 products


199 UAH/month

You can add:
✓ 200 sales per month
✓ 2000 products


599 UAH/month

You can add:
✓ 1000 sales per month
✓ 10000 products


1199 UAH/month

You can add:
✓ Unlimited sales per month
✓ 100000 products

Increase the efficiency of your retail business with the HugeProfit ERP system!