CRM for dropshipping

How CRM/ERP System HugeProfit Simplifies Accounting and Dropshipping Automation for Online Stores

The HugeProfit system offers a unique combination of ERP and CRM to optimize dropshipping processes. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provides automation of accounting and company resource management, while CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps in effective interaction with customers.

In the context of dropshipping, ERP in the HugeProfit system allows automating processes of order tracking, inventory management, and supply chain management. This significantly reduces time spent on routine operations and allows focusing on strategic business development.

CRM/ERP System HugeProfit for dropshipping

The CRM module in the HugeProfit system helps to create an efficient customer relationship management system – from order processing to after-sales support. As a result, companies can increase customer loyalty and improve service quality.

Using ERP/CRM HugeProfit greatly simplifies dropshipping processes, making the business more efficient and competitive. Automation of accounting, sales management, and financial operations automation are key success factors in the dynamic online retail industry.

Advantages of CRM/ERP HugeProfit System for Dropshipping

By using the CRM/ERP HugeProfit system for dropshipping, you will get not only a reliable partner to manage your business but also a significant advantage over competitors. Reliability, functionality, and efficiency are what makes our system so valuable for any entrepreneur in the world of dropshipping.


Mobile Apps for Sales and Inventory Management

  • ✓ Mobile barcode scanner
  • ✓ Add sales in 2 clicks
  • ✓ Create and track consignment notes
  • ✓ Manage stock levels on Prom, Rozetka, OpenCart, WooCommerce, GoodShop
  • ✓ Multiple warehouses and employees
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HugeProfit Features to Help Your Online Business:

  1. Simple product accounting: Thanks to HugeProfit, you can easily track all products, control inventory levels, and efficiently plan purchases. With HugeProfit, adding new products, monitoring their cost and quantity, as well as controlling inventory levels, becomes a simple and convenient process.
  2. Sales accounting: With HugeProfit, you can automate sales accounting, track the financial efficiency of your business, and analyze the popularity of various products. The convenience lies in the fact that you can track sales on multiple online platforms simultaneously and monitor income from each individual transaction.
  3. Analytics: With HugeProfit, you will have access to extensive analytical data on sales and customers. This valuable information will allow you to make informed and effective business decisions, increasing profits and expanding your customer base.
  4. Sales channel filtering: HugeProfit allows you to filter sales data by various distribution channels, simplifying the analysis of marketing strategy effectiveness.
  5. Ability to maintain multiple accounts: This will allow you to effectively manage financial flows, conduct financial accounting, and monitor income and expenses. With our help, you will be able to easily track your financial activities and make informed decisions based on reliable data.
  6. Multi-currency support: The ability to create an unlimited number of accounts in different currencies allows for effective management of company finances and operations. HugeProfit provides all the necessary tools for working with multi-currency operations, regardless of the currencies used in your business.
  7. Integration with PRR (Checkbox): This is a necessary and convenient solution for your business. Thanks to this integration, you can automatically generate fiscal receipts right in the system interface. This significantly saves your time and simplifies the work process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in financial document management.
  8. Integration with delivery services: The platform provides the ability to integrate with delivery services Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta, allowing you to optimize the process of delivering goods, improving customer service quality, and reducing delivery time.

Don’t waste time on routine tasks – trust this to the HugeProfit system and focus on developing your business.

Our Tariff Plans

The free tariff plan is a great opportunity to explore all the features of our CRM/ERP system HugeProfit without any time limitations. You will be able to use all the integrations and functionality of the program to ensure its effectiveness for your business.

Try HugeProfit for Free

Simple accounting of finances, goods, sales, and deliveries for small businesses
  • ✓ Implement the service in 5 minutes on your own or with our support
  • ✓ Put your stock in order and organize deliveries
  • ✓ Control all expenses and payments. Keep track of all your bills
  • ✓ Receive orders from Prom, Rozetka, OpenCart, WooCommerce, GoodShop
  • ✓ Create and track consignment notes in 2 clicks

    This tariff plan provides you with a unique opportunity to test the program in practice so that you can assess all its advantages and conveniences. Without the need to pay for a license in advance, you can comfortably study the system and make sure it meets your requirements.

    With its help, you will be able to easily process up to 50 sales per month and manage up to 300 products. Don’t miss the opportunity to try out the system’s functionality, which will help you increase the efficiency of your business without unnecessary costs.

Free Tariff

Use absolutely ALL functions and integrations for FREE for an unlimited amount of time.

On this tariff you can add:
✓ 50 sales per month
✓ 300 products


199 UAH/month

You can add:
✓ 200 sales per month
✓ 2000 products


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You can add:
✓ 1000 sales per month
✓ 10000 products


1199 UAH/month

You can add:
✓ Unlimited sales per month
✓ 100000 products

HugeProfit CRM/ERP System – the right choice for successful business development in the dropshipping segment.