Integration of the HugeProfit CRM system with the OpenCart platform is an important part of effective sales and inventory management. The HugeProfit CRM system provides comprehensive solutions for automating business processes, allowing you to optimize the operation of the store and increase its efficiency.

One of the main advantages of integrating the HugeProfit CRM system with OpenCart is the ability to automatically synchronize data between the platform and the inventory management system. This will allow you to promptly track the availability of products in stock, control inventory, and ensure timely delivery of orders.

Thanks to the integration of HugeProfit CRM with OpenCart, you will be able to improve the order management process and handling of customer requests. Various functional capabilities, such as automatic invoice generation, order status notifications, delivery tracking, and more, will significantly streamline the operation of your store and increase customer satisfaction.

Additionally, HugeProfit provides the ability to analyze data and obtain valuable information about sales, profitability, inventory, and other aspects of the business. This will help you make informed decisions and effectively plan the next steps for the development of your store.

Integration of HugeProfit CRM with OpenCart

Advantages of Integrating HugeProfit ERP with OpenCart

The combination of the HugeProfit ERP system with the OpenCart platform provides unique advantages that will significantly enhance and automate your business.

This integration will allow you to work efficiently with various tasks, increasing productivity and optimizing processes. This will save you a significant amount of time and resources, giving you a competitive advantage and helping you succeed in your business.

HugeProfit CRM Tools to Automate Work with OpenCart

Our CRM system offers a multitude of features that will help you optimize processes and increase the efficiency of your business.

Order Management

Swift and accurate order management is one of the key tasks in business, especially if you sell your products on multiple sites or different platforms. Imagine no longer needing to manually track each order in your online store. In this case, you will avoid labor-intensive tasks and human errors. Thanks to the use of our HugeProfit CRM system, sales accounting automation will become a reality for you. You can be confident in the accuracy and timeliness of data, as well as effectively control every step of the process – from start to finish. No inaccuracies or profit loss – only a reliable system that works for your business!

Sales Analytics

Without effective sales analysis, it is impossible to achieve prosperity in your business. But don’t worry, we have a solution for you – a powerful tool from CRM HugeProfit. It will help you analyze and improve the efficiency of your work. This feature provides detailed information about every step of your sales process, making it easy to track and analyze all its stages.

Analysis of Sales Channel Effectiveness

With HugeProfit, you will have the opportunity to effectively control all the sales channels used by your online store. Our system offers convenient data filtering functionality, allowing you to analyze each channel separately. Now you can easily identify the most profitable channels and assess their success. Thanks to this, you can make informed decisions to significantly increase the overall efficiency of your business.

Working with Multiple Online Stores

If you have multiple online stores, keeping track of sales, inventory, and updating your assortment can become a real challenge. But with CRM HugeProfit, you can automate these processes and easily handle these tasks, which will significantly optimize your work.

Mobile Apps for Sales and Inventory Management

  • ✓ Mobile barcode scanner
  • ✓ Add sales in 2 clicks
  • ✓ Create and track consignment notes
  • ✓ Manage stock levels on Prom, Rozetka, OpenCart, WooCommerce, GoodShop
  • ✓ Multiple warehouses and employees
HugeProfit in GooglePlay
HugeProfit in AppStore

With HugeProfit, you can consolidate and centrally manage all sales, inventory, and analytics on various online platforms and platforms, such as OpenCart, WordPress, Rozetka,, Instagram, KhoroShop, and many others.

This will help you effectively control all orders, track delivery status, and create detailed sales reports for each store separately or as a whole. This will greatly simplify your work and help you successfully manage all your online stores.

Telegram Bot

Getting up-to-date information about orders in your online store can be a real headache and take up a lot of time. However, do not despair! We have an excellent solution that will help you easily and effortlessly cope with this task.

With the HugeProfit CRM, you will have the opportunity to set up automatic notifications of order statuses via Telegram Bot. This is really convenient! You will never miss a new order and will always be aware of its receipt. Your business will become much more efficient, and communication with customers will be much faster.


HugeProfit CRM is a tool that allows you to operate with different currencies. Thanks to this, you can make transfers between your accounts in different currencies, and the business process will go more efficiently. This significantly increases the efficiency of your company, especially if you have partners from other countries.

This will help you greatly simplify the document processing process and ensure high accuracy in conducting financial transactions. It is important to note that it also contributes to increasing transparency in all areas of your business. You will always be aware of the changes taking place and will be able to control all business processes in your organization.

Integration with PRRP (Checkbox)

Integration with PRRP is an indispensable tool that significantly simplifies the process of invoicing and financial transactions. With its help, creating checks will become so easy that it will only take one touch of a button, and sending them to clients will be instant and flawless. You no longer need to spend time manually filling in information about purchases, taxes, and other details – all this data is automatically filled in thanks to the integration with PRRP. CRM HugeProfit will help you get rid of routine tasks and focus on the important aspects of your business!

Integration with Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta

CRM HugeProfit provides the opportunity to integrate with popular delivery services in Ukraine – Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta.

With HugeProfit, you can automate the process of delivering your products and simplify working with courier services. You can create and track shipments right from CRM HugeProfit, without the need to switch between different systems.

Integration with Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta will allow you to quickly and efficiently organize the delivery of orders to any point in Ukraine. You can calculate the cost of delivery, choose convenient tariffs, track the status of shipments, and receive delivery notifications.

It is worth noting that integration with Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta in CRM HugeProfit is simple and convenient. Our development team has made every effort to simplify the setup process so that you can start using this functionality as quickly as possible.

Integration with delivery services will significantly optimize the operation of your online store on the OpenCart platform and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

CRM HugeProfit Integration with Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta

Support and Training

By connecting to our CRM HugeProfit system, you will receive not only a convenient tool for efficient business management but also full support and training. Our team is ready to provide you with everything you need to meet all your needs and help you achieve high results in your business. We value your time and energy, so we are ready to accompany you every step of the way to achieving all your goals!

You can reach out to us through the online chat on our website or contact us:

●     Viber or Telegram: +38 (073) 584-73-73

●     by phone: +38 (073) 584-73-73 (from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM)

Our Pricing Plans

We understand the importance of an effective and affordable solution for small businesses, such as online stores. Therefore, we are happy to offer you several pricing plans to choose from, including the completely free CRM HugeProfit option. This is a unique opportunity to try our system and assess its suitability for your business without the need for additional expenses.

Try HugeProfit for Free

Simple accounting of finances, goods, sales, and deliveries for small businesses
  • ✓ Implement the service in 5 minutes on your own or with our support
  • ✓ Put your stock in order and organize deliveries
  • ✓ Control all expenses and payments. Keep track of all your bills
  • ✓ Receive orders from Prom, Rozetka, OpenCart, WooCommerce, GoodShop
  • ✓ Create and track consignment notes in 2 clicks

    This is an excellent opportunity to develop your e-commerce business without any hassle or additional costs. Don’t miss the chance to start your venture on the right foot!

Free Tariff

Use absolutely ALL functions and integrations for FREE for an unlimited amount of time.

On this tariff you can add:
✓ 50 sales per month
✓ 300 products


199 UAH/month

You can add:
✓ 200 sales per month
✓ 2000 products


599 UAH/month

You can add:
✓ 1000 sales per month
✓ 10000 products


1199 UAH/month

You can add:
✓ Unlimited sales per month
✓ 100000 products

Don’t miss the opportunity to use all the benefits of HugeProfit to achieve big profits and success in your business!